Each year OBRA lead a variety of workshops and master classes for students and professionals at their base, Au Brana in Southern France and abroad. Each company member leads different areas of the practice, so performers can concentrate on specific elements of OBRA’s work, or encounter the training more globally in the summer intensive.

OBRA lead regular residential open research sessions each year. The company use these sessions to develop their practice; generating new approaches to performance, exploring new texts and new collaborations. Each OBRA Open Session pursues a particular line of creative research.

OBRA also work within different teaching institutions in France and UK, leading master classes and residential workshops in theatre techniques.

FABIAN WIXE The Importance Of Doing; Intensive workshop for dancers and physical performers.

22nd – 26th May, Au Brana Centre France

The importance of doing
I propose a week workshop mixing morning trainings with afternoons full of improvisation and composition, minimum 6hrs/day, a work session in which you can learn new techniques and apply them immediately.
I am looking for dancers and performers who wish to develop their skills and spend a week exploring their own physicality in relation to a group.FAB2018w:shop

The morning sessions will be dedicated to technical and physical training; a mix of Flying Low (David Zambrano’s technique) and other floor work, training and games to improve strength, flexibility and awareness. I will also propose choreographic material in the mornings with a focus on increasing speed and precision.
I want to explore listening through the physical work, listening to the group and to oneself within a group, and how energy can be re-cycled and shared. Run with your heart rather than with your feet (they will follow).

In the afternoons we will work through both improvisation and composition; I’d like us to move together, creating a space where we practice, explore, perform and ’fail’ without judging ourselves or others. I would like to create an environment in which we can be inspired and inspire each other, a place to see each other and to let ourselves be seen.
We will establish a routine of performing improvisation for each other, to let this work be a way into creating, to shift between not knowing in advance what you will do, into creating very detailed scores.
There will be a lot of doing.
In terms of the compositional work I would like to share methods of working used and developed within ’Project i19’ for our latest production ’Birds (come back to bones)’.

Cost of the session is €150 with all the accommodation and food on site at Au Brana for another €150. Contact Oliviero at with a completed form OBRAWORKSHOPSAPP

OBRA Open Session #9
4th – 9th June Au Brana Centre France

Led by OBRA with writer Lucy Burnett

OBRA Theatre Co are seeking passionate and interested artists who wish to participate in a 6 day research session at the Au Brana Centre in Southern France led by psychophysical theatre practitioners Kate and Oliviero Papi of OBRA and poet/ writer Lucy Burnett.

The session will draw on, and further, the practice-led research which OBRA and Lucy have been developing into Writing from the Body as primary source. This involves exploring how language can be generated in response to a body in motion, as well as using one’s own body as the physical and intellectual stimulus. deadtime

We seek writers interested in engaging with their own physicality within their writing practice, and performers who wish to develop their capacity to generate their own texts. There are no set expectations as to what form the writing might take, nor does one need to be or become a dancer in order to engage with the physical practice proposed. Instead, the creative team will explore, share and hopefully expand the pedagogical structures under development, in collaboration with participants. This will be a period of active research to explore the potential extrinsic and intrinsic relationships between physical expression, movement and writing as creative processes.

OBRA’s practice, grounded in psycho-physical principles, is rooted within the body and mind working in harmony with the imagination. Lucy’s writing is particularly interested in the processes of emergence, re-emergence and change, within shifting textual, bodily and physical contexts.

The session will take place at the Au Brana Centre, a formerly ruined farm now transformed into a tranquil and focused creative environment with onsite accommodation provided.

The fee for this session will be €300 which includes food and accommodation at Au Brana, and a minimum of 6 hours training per day for 6 days. This will be on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 15 participants, and to secure a place you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of €100 (refunded if we cancel). Successful applicants will need to cover their own travel expenses, arriving at Au Brana 3rd June and departing 10th June.

To apply for the session, please return a completed application form to OBRAWORKSHOPSAPP

Any enquiries please contact Oliviero at;

OBRA Summer Residency 2018
2- 22 July at the Au Brana Centre France
3 week intensive workshop led by Kate Papi, Oliviero Papi, Eilon Morris and Fabian Wixe

OBRA propose a 3 week immersion into their rigorous and innovative approach to theatre making; focussed upon the relationship between the physical life of the actor and language in performance.
Participants will be led by the 4 practitioners through many aspects of theatre technique and apply these training tools to generate and shape performance material. Participants will be lead through multiple processes in relation to language, both in generating their own texts and in response to existing poetic texts. OBRA’s training is open to artists from all disciplines and performance backgrounds.
The training will cover these main areas:

  • Investigating flow state in relation to group and individual listening
  • Improving performers’ proprioception and physical articulation
  • Developing performers’ vocal technique for placement and articulation of voice for text
  • Expanding individual and group awareness and sensitivity to rhythm
  • Developing performers’ capacity to work with complex language
  • Increasing performers’ capacity to generate their own texts
  • Exploring approaches to creating physical material from multiple sources
  • Working collaboratively with a director to map and shape text and action

This practice enables the performer to work in a highly sensitive state of listening and simultaneity, bringing together precise physical and vocal technique and performance elements. OBRA ‘s approach embraces the complexity of the performance moment and seeks to find the ideal levels of difficulty for each performer, in order to enable a flow state which can be sustained over a long duration. The workshop invites participants to develop their personal practice and capacity to embody language, and offers a broad range of approaches to apply these skills to devising and performance. The work is rigorous, precise and demanding with a generous and supportive pedagogical team.
This workshop does not require you to have a high level of physical fitness or training (you don’t have to be an athlete) as the aim of the work is to increase your capacity, working from where you.OBRA Summer 2018

The fee for the workshop is €750 for 18 days of training for a minimum of 6 hours per day
Accommodation on site, with all meals included is available for an additional €25 per day, equal to €500 for the full period. Early bird reduction of €50 for anyone booked in and deposit payed before February 15th.
Any participant who wishes to participate in any other OBRA work session at Au Brana in 2018 will receive a reduction of €50 for the summer residency (offer applies to Open Session and sessions with Eilon and Fabian see below for details).

This will be on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 15 participants, and to secure a place you will need to complete an application form and pay a non-refundable deposit of €200 (refunded if we cancel).

Successful applicants will need to cover their own travel expenses, arriving at Au Brana 1st July and departing July 22nd. The nearest airports are Toulouse and Bordeaux. (Flight bookings made well in advance range from €40-€60 return)

Please download an application form and return it to Oliviero at
Please see for more information about the centre.
For information about Eilon Morris go to
To see films of Fabian’s work go to

Download an application form here; OBRAWORKSHOPSAPP

EILON MORRIS Weaving Threads; Simultaneity and Ensemble

20th – 25th August at Au Brana Centre France

Simultaneity is the moment in which multiple threads of time intersect: the coming together of our actions, thoughts, encounters with others and the space around us. Performance involves the weaving together of these threads to create compositions and moments of meeting. Being present in these moments can be both challenging and inspiring, opening new possibilities for building connections and creativity in performance.eilon

Focused on this theme, this workshop will involve ensemble training exercises as well as work on the embodiment of rhythm and principles of musicality through voice and movement. Starting from working with the pulse of the ensemble we will explore ways of embodying and layering polyrhythms within the ensemble and within individual performers, applying these principles through improvisations and devising performance material. These approaches are both playful and rigorous – accessible to performers from a range of backgrounds with an interest in developing greater awareness and creativity through musicality in their work.

The cost of this session is €150 and all accommodation and food on site at Au Brana for an additional €150. To apply please contact Oliviero at with application form OBRAWORKSHOPSAPP



Led in English and French by Kate Papi of OBRA Theatre Co, this is a fantastic crash course in devised theatre making for 14 – 20 yr olds. In 5 days participants will receive essential elements of actor training, develop material based on a central idea or source material, devise a piece of theatre and perform before a public in a professional theatre. An exciting week of creative work in the French countryside.

The session will take place at the Au Brana centre France, and costs €150.

For applications and more information please contact Oliviero at