Ex – Situ


In 2017 OBRA realised the project Ex-Situ, with the support of aide sur la territoire from the DRAC Occitanie, and in partnership with Pays de Portes de Gascogne and the communes of Fleurance, Mauvezin and L’Isle Jourdain. Through residential periods in rural gascon communities the company have created short films exploring a physical response to abandoned buildings, in collaboration with British digital arts collective VIDEOfeet and an invited performer for each site.

The residencial periods were each completed with a public work sharing, welcoming the public into the spaces OBRA had been working in, and sharing some of the creative material and process.
At the heart of this project were the meetings with the local inhabitants, collecting anecdotes, memories, examples of societal change and forgotten rites. These encounters with the community were either audio or filmed interviews and represent a cross section of opinion, age and ideology.

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OBRA and VIDEOfeet will present the completed work in the form of an exhibition in each of the towns which hosted the project. The exhibition consists of the three completed films, installations in response to the materials found in each site, audio posts, video portraits of the towns and the people, and a series of photographs from the project period.

All the most current information and news of the project can be found on the blog EX SITU;


Living in Fleurance, Mauvezin or L’Isle-Jourdain ? You can now share your memories of the town and engage with the project and your community on the Forum (https://ariacdegascogne.wixsite.com/ex-situ/forum)

For even more information about the project please email  contact@obratheatre.co