Ibidem / In Alio Loco

EX_SITU Fleurance 37

IBIDEM / IN ALIO LOCO  is a hybrid performance and digital arts project to be researched and developed in 2018.
Through the prism of collected oral histories, performers’ individual narratives and physical material developed in response to abandoned patrimoine, this project will question the role of community in an increasingly globalised society. With public presentations at key stages of development, OBRA will explore and question notions of identity, place and belonging with an international cast of performers and primary source material from rural communities.

IBIDEM will explore communities in transition and will question what is disappearing, what to protect, what we have gained and what has already been lost. The project will interpret territory as not only geographical but related to personal identity and community models. The project investigates how how these territories inter-relate and how we experience spaces, both architectural and natural, and how our personal relationship with these alters and shifts as a native or a migrant.

M+K+cameraIn 2017 OBRA realised the project Ex-Situ, with the support of aide sur la territoire from the DRAC Occitanie, and in partnership with Pays de Portes de Gascogne and the communes of Fleurance, Mauvezin and L’Isle Jourdain. Through residential periods in these rural gascon communities the company created short films exploring a physical response to abandoned buildings, in collaboration with British digital arts collective VIDEOfeet and an invited performer for each site.
At the heart of this project were the meetings with the local inhabitants, collecting anecdotes, memories, examples of societal change and forgotten rites through the framework of changing architectural space and territory. IBIDEM is the natural progression from Ex Situ; a response to the experience and questions encountered in the three sites to now explore how these rich sources can be the foundation for a theatrical creation.

In 2018 OBRA will bring the multi skilled artistic team together for periods of practical research, writing, mediation projects and public sharings to define the paramaters, approach and aesthetic of the performance. Throughout the year, in new architectural locations and communities, the company will continue to gather oral histories and explore the relationship between the live event and filmed performance via regular, local, public work in progress showings and diffusion of material via multiple digital platforms. Throughout 2018 OBRA will share their ongoing sound archive via podcasts and regular slot on radio fil de l’eau to generate public interest and disseminate their research and discoveries.

Creative team 2018O+Mhalt

Director: Kate Papi

Performers: Rachel Alexander, Oliviero Papi, Melanie Tanneau, Fabian Wixe

Film and Digital media: Matt Smith

Sound design: Eilon Morris and Alex Hyland


The performance created in response to these rich source materials will be made to be performed in traditional theatre spaces and will develop OBRA’s rigorous, dynamic performance style.
This will not be a documentary but an original text in multiple languages which combines anecdote, personal stories and precise physical actions and integrates film making techniques in to the theatrical process. Alongside the performance, an exhibition of short films, portraits and sound installations will compliment the live event.