OBRA functions with two core members, Kate Hannah Papi and Oliviero Papi, and a group of associated artists who are invited to join according to the needs of each project.

Kate Hannah Papi

British born Kate Hannah Papi is an actor, workshop facilitator and the co-director of the Au Brana Centre in Southern France. Kate studied European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford, graduating in 2003 with a first class degree for her research into psychophysical training for actors. In 2004, Kate was invited to study in Poland with the internationally acclaimed company Teatr Piesn Kozla as a student on their new masters course in association with MMU. She graduated with Distinction.
Kate co-founded OBRA with whom she has directed Fragments, a bi-lingual stage adaptation of Roland Barthes’, The Lover’s Discourse and Ted Hughes’ Gaudete for an international cast. She directed Comme une Poisson sans Bicyclette for the Gers Social Services alongside multiple projects with youth. Kate has guest directed for Nick Young at the Bristol OldVic, with mingbeasts, at South Bank University and collaborates with VIDEOfeet in their digital media hybrid project Thadows Loom as actress and movement director. She is currently developing a series of short films entitled Ex-Situ in collaboration with VIDEOfeet in response to the changing architecture of the Occitanie Region. Kate leads workshops in OBRA’s approach to theatre for children, students and professionals across Europe.

Oliviero Papi

Oliviero Papi is an Italian born, Australian theatre performer, workshop leader, movement director and the co-director of the Au Brana Centre in France. He graduated from VCA drama school, Melbourne, in 1999 before performing throughout Australia, principally with the Sydney Theatre Company and the Bell Shakespeare Company. Since 2005 Oliviero has been the co-director of the Au Brana Centre, France and in 2006 co-founded OBRA Theatre. With OBRA he has devised and performed Transfixed, and is currently performing in Fragments, adapted from Roland Barthes’ ‘Lover’s Discourse’, and in Gaudete adapted from Ted Hughes’ poem of the same name. Oliviero performs in VIDEOfeet’s new film installation project Thadows Loom. He is also part of the creative team on the project Ex-Situ, a collaboration between OBRA and VIDEOfeet generating a series of short films in response to urbanisation and architecture.
Oliviero also works as a member of The Awake Projects, an international theatre ensemble, with whom he performed in Awake, and is currently touring Song of Riots and as a member of The Awake Love Orchestra. Since transferring to Europe Oliviero has also toured and performed in Italy with Teatropersona and worked in collaboration with Poland’s Teatr Piesn Kozla. Oliviero leads actor training workshops for professionals and students both at the Au Brana centre and abroad.