Each year OBRA lead a variety of workshops and master classes for students and professionals at their base, Au Brana in Southern France and abroad. Alongside these opportunities to encounter the company’s practice, OBRA also lead residential open research sessions each year. The company use these sessions to develop their practice; generating new bodies of work, exploring new texts and new collaborations, with each residency pursuing a particular line of creative research. OBRA also work within different teaching institutions in France and UK, these are bespoke workshops for particular student bodies.

Public Workshops

3rd February Public Workshop at Oldham University

Kate Papi will lead a day of OBRA’s actor training and approach to performance. This session is open to the public, organised by Oldham University Drama department and costs £25 for the day. To reserve a place contact Tray Wilson;

3rd – 7th June Fabian Wixe; Floorwork, Flying Low and Improvisation

“I propose a week workshop mixing morning trainings with afternoons full of improvisations, a work session in which you can learn new techniques and apply them immediately.
I am looking for performers and dancers who wish to develop their skills and spend a week exploring their own physicality in relation to a group.”

“We will begin with a softer warm-up, before breakfast, to arrive in our bodies each morning, to shake the sleep out and increase the energy.
The morning sessions will be dedicated to technical and physical training; a mix of flying low and other floor work, training and games to improve strength, flexibility and awareness. I will also propose choreographic material in the mornings with a focus on increasing speed and precision.
I want to explore listening through the physical work, listening to the group and to oneself within a group, and how energy can be re-cycled and shared. Run with your heart rather than with your feet (they will follow).
In the afternoons (sometimes evenings) we will improvise, in many different structures. Sometimes alone, sometimes as a group, sometimes both, sometimes short, sometimes long.
I’d like to propose a pallet of ways of improvising that I’ve learnt over the years from different practitioners (e.g Martin Sonderkamp, David Zambrano, Tono Lachky, Milan Herich) and which I find helpful, fun and challenging.
I’d like us to move together, creating a space where we practice, explore and ’fail’, without judging ourselves or others. I’d like for us to let ourselves inspire and be inspired, to see each other and to let ourselves be seen.”

At Au Brana Centre in the South of France.

3-7th of June. Plan to arrive on the 2nd to start working the 3rd.

300 € in total. (Workshop 150€, food and accommodation 150€.)

Contact Fabian directly; or via the facebook event

3rd – 21st July OBRA Summer Residency at Au Brana, France

A 3 week intensive residential workshop led by Kate Papi, Oliviero Papi, Eilon Morris and Fabian Wixe. OBRA propose a 3 week immersion into their rigorous and innovative approach to theatre making; focussed upon the relationship between the physical life of the actor and poetic language in performance.
Participants will be led by the 4 practitioners in different areas of theatre techniques and apply these training tools to generate and shape performance material in response to poetic language.
The training will cover these main areas:

  • Investigating flow state in relation to group and individual listening
  • Improving performers proprioception and physical articulation
  • Developing understanding of vocal technique for placement and articulation of voice for text
  • Expanding individual and group awareness and sensitivity to rhythm
  • Developing performers’ capacity to work with complex language
  • Exploring approaches to creating physical material from different sources
  • Working collaboratively with a director to map and shape text and action

This practice enables the performer to work in a highly sensitised state of listening and simultaneity, bringing together precise physical and vocal technique and performance elements. The workshop invites participants to develop their personal practice and capacity to embody language, and offers different approaches to apply these skills to devising and performance. The work is rigorous, precise and demanding with a generous and supportive pedagogical team.
OBRA are currently touring Gaudete, a triptych adapted from Ted Hughes’ poetic novel of the same name. The approach for this performance has been developed in collaboration with Eilon Morris and Fabian Wixe over a 7 year research and development period which has created the foundation for pedagogical approach.

Oliviero’s work for the voice and text is a technical and detailed process which develops the actor’s understanding of their vocal apparatus, and provides a clear approach to working with complex texts, starting from the structure of the language on the page.

Fabian Wixe brings a detailed body of work on movement and individual physicality, shaped by his dance and circus training. His practice develops the individual performer’s proprioception, strength and fluidity in physical expression via technical training and improvisation.

Eilon Morris’ practice uses rhythm as a training tool to develop the actor’s understanding of composition, dynamism and simultaneous tasks in performance. His work facilitates heightened qualities of attention, group connectivity and physical coordination.

Kate is the director of OBRA’s performances and has developed an approach to generating and shaping material which is a balance between the dramaturgical needs of the text and the individual capacity of the performer. Her work weds all the different elements of the training and research to shape and montage material, creating dynamic and expressive performances and choreographies.

The fee for the workshop is €750 for 17 days of training for a minimum of 6 hours per day.
Accommodation on site, with all meals included is available for an additional €25 per day, equal to €500 for the full period.This will be on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 15 participants, and to secure a place you will need to complete an application form and pay a non-refundable deposit of €200 (refunded if we cancel). For more information or to send a completed application, contact Kate at

Download Application form OBRA:17:APP


Led in English and French by Kate Papi of OBRA Theatre Co, this is a fantastic crash course in devised theatre making for 14 – 20 yr olds. In 5 days participants will receive essential elements of actor training, develop material based on a central idea or source material, devise a piece of theatre and perform before a public. An exciting week of creative work in the French countryside. The session will take place at the Au Brana centre France, and costs €150.

For applications and more information please contact Kate at

Bespoke Workshops

27th, 30th and 31st January Rose Bruford College

Kate Papi has been invited to lead 3 days of professional development with Rose Bruford Drama students. Kate will  address the students about alternative pathways in the theatre industry, how they can become autonomous artists and lead students through the creation of virtual projects.

25th February Toulouse International School

Kate Papi will lead workshops as part of an exchange between drama students from International Schools across Europe. The students will be given an introduction to OBRA’s training for awakening proprioception and sensitivity in the body.

18th-22nd April, London South bank University 2nd year students in residence at Au Brana

The students and staff from the LSBU 2nd year drama and performance course return to Au Brana for a 3 day intensive workshop with Kate Hannah Papi and Oliviero Papi of OBRA. The group train with the company and live, cook and eat together in residence at Au Brana.

3rd – 5th May LIDO Circus School Toulouse

The graduating students from LIDO will work intensively with Kate and Oliviero Papi in residence at CIRCa in Auch.