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Toutes les vidéos

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OBRA were invited to create participatory artworks with school children and inhabitants in the agglomeration of Grand Armagnac as artists in residence over two years.The principal aim of the project was to create links between primary age children and upper school students and to facilitate the integration of people from multiple cultures in the local area.


In 2022 OBRA created a participative performance with two hundred and fifty children. The creative process allowed each participant to share their experiences of their territory and then develop these into a text and physical actions for the performance. One hundred and fifty participants shared their collective multilingual creation with an audience in the town’s bullring.


In 2023 OBRA returned to make a series of short films inspired by the theme of Deep Time. Once again, all language and physical actions were developed collaboratively with the participants and the resulting films were shared in local cinemas.


The project was commissioned by ADDA 32, the DRAC Occitanie, the ministry of education and the agglomeration of Grand Armagnac.

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