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Alistair loves words. Alistair loves long words, short words, words strung together as sentences, poems, stories and plays. He loves the sounds of them, the shape of them, the taste of them. Alistair loves speaking them aloud, communicating through sounds and words. He is an actor, an actor who loves words, English words.

Alistair lives in France. They don’t speak English in France and in France he won’t ever perform Henry V or Hamlet, read Blake, Hughes or Eliot for a public. Translations just don’t cut it and Alistair is getting old and wants to share his favourite words. Alistair has been collecting these for years and asked his friends for their favourites too; favourite words, passages, poems and paragraphs. He wants to help others to catch their musicality, grasp their meaning, hear these words as he does, rediscover that which gets lost in translation.


Maybe you already love English and want to know more?

Perhaps you feel excluded from these foreign sounds, or somehow embarrassed because you feel you should be able to understand them? Maybe you just don’t like English?


OBRA invite you to experience the beauty and power of spoken English even if you do not understand the meaning. Alistair will share his passion and wants to awaken your pleasure in the sounds of the English language via the words of some of its greatest writers, poets and playwrights. Alistair will guide you in ( heavily accented ) French in a passionate, instructive and often silly performance.

Bubble is a celebration of language, poetic expression and communication, one man’s need to share his obsessive love of words.


Bubble is currently in production and will be ready for performance from September 2024, check the News page of this site for updates.


With:  Oliviero Papi
Writing and Direction: Kate Hannah Papi

Dramaturgy: Melanie Tanneau
Sound Design: Mathieu Ogier

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