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In 2005 Kate and Oliviero Papi began converting a ruined Gascon farm into a residential centre for artistic practice, undertaking the building work themselves with the help of friends and family and without public funds.

This independent approach is emblematic of the philosophy of Au Brana. The centre continues to function as an independent space, run by artists, in support of artistic endeavour and excellence. Au Brana is an environment and work centre that is affordable, comfortable and accessible, in a rural setting.

The team are committed to supporting artistic practice that is rigorous, dedicated, created with pleasure and one that places research and collaboration at its core. Au Brana allows artists to immerse themselves in a creative process and work without time constraints and distractions in an ideal setting.


Au Brana is a bridge between local and international culture, hosting both local groups, internationally renowned companies and individual artists. The centre regularly shares work demonstrations, encounters and events with the local public.

Each year Au Brana provides free access to the facilities for two artistic projects as part of their residential programme ABCD, to support new interdisciplinary collaborations and research.

Au Brana hosts public workshops led by their residential company OBRA and visiting practitioners, and regularly hosts university student groups from the UK for periods of immersive training with OBRA.

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