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OBRA’s training approach combines technical craftsmanship with psychophysical practice, seeking an embodied performance state; the interaction of intellect, instinct and imagination in the performer.


Each year OBRA lead work sessions and masterclasses for students and professionals at Au Brana and as visiting practitioners in universities and drama schools. The work sessions are an opportunity to engage with the company’s core practice. The training is rooted in the principals of listening; to self, partners and the space, and the sessions are designed to give clear and technical solutions to develop artistic rigour and autonomy. The company lead an exploration of the myriad of ways for language and physicality to interact. These sessions will improve participants’ physical, vocal and imaginative capacities, presence and their ability to sustain complex performance structures.


The company work with participants in a laboratory theatre model, researching, training, making and living together as an ensemble of artists.

For information regarding the next opportunities to engage with OBRA’s practice, please consult the News section of this site.

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