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Ibidem is an anarchic and poetic celebration of place and encounter, a rhythmic and physical meditation on the traces we leave behind in a world that is transforming faster than us. What constitutes a home? What is it to be from a particular place, to reject one’s own place, to adopt another?

OBRA create a rich multilingual and multi instrumental landscape inhabited by anecdote, shit science, lies and fantasy. Ibidem questions society’s obsession with growth and change in contrast to the sites and landscapes that root us in our heritage and the stories that indicate where our future may lie.


Ibidem was created in response to interviews with inhabitants of rural Gers, questioning the impact that the industrialisation of farming has had on their community and sense of place. These stories interact with those of the international cast members mixing verbatim language and new writing in multiple languages. The resulting texts embrace the musicality of words and sound supported by an original live score created from field recordings and found objects.


Ibidem is performed in a tri-frontal arrangement with the audience seated close to the performers on OBRA’s purpose built seating. Ibidem has an autonomous staging and can be installed in both theatre venues and found spaces.


Ibidem was coproduced by the Collectif En Jeux, CIRCA, Pole National Cirque, Auch Gers Occitanie, the TheatredelaCite– Centre Dramatique National Toulouse Occitanie, the Theatre du Grand Rond and Theatre Sorano. The performance received support from Occitanie en Scene via their accompaniment of the Collectif en Jeux.

Ibidem was funded by the Direction Regionale des affaires culturelles Occitanie, the Region Occitanie and the Departement of the Gers.

In was created during residencies at: La Grainerie – fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinerance, Balma / Toulouse Metropole, CIRCa, Pole National Cirque, Auch Gers Occitanie, la Maison des Ecritures, Lombez Occitanie, the town of Pauilhac and Centre Culturel Au Brana.

Ibidem premiered in October 2019 as part of La Biennale / Arts Vivants / International du 24 septembre au 12 octobre 2019. It was presented in partnership with the TheatredelaCite – CDN Toulouse Occitanie, le Theatre du Grand Rond and Theatre Sorano.




Created by the company

Performers: Rachel Alexander, Oliviero Papi, Mélanie Tanneau and Fabian Wixe

Live Music and Compositions : Eilon Morris

Writer / Director: Kate Hannah Papi

Lighting Design: Nicolas Deluc

Sound Design: Loïc Célestin

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