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OBRA invited a group of youth from Auch to create a participative short film in response to a disused army barracks, spanning five hectares, in the centre of their town. Over seven days the group learnt about the building’s history before it became a derelict site. The participants had unlimited access to the barracks and were facilitated by OBRA as they created movement and texts in response to the buildings, and then communicated how they wanted to be filmed. The result is in part a documentary and in part an artistic short devised in partnership with the adolescents. Caserne is  part of the ongoing EX_SITU collaboration between OBRA and filmmakers, VIDEOfeet.

The group imagined how they would transform the site for future generations and fed back their ideas to the municipality, who had recently purchased it for development.


The project was created as part of the 2019 edition of C'est Mon Patrimoine.


Directed by : Kate Hannah Papi and Matt Smith

Producers: Kate Hannah Papi and Rhian Desborough

Performers: Sarah Chevalier, Solène Chevalier, Alicia De Guigne, Axel Dehaen, Lili Delpierre, Louise Espaignet, Inès Khabbal, Noémie Laforêt, Margot Lahiton, Tristan Malvezin, Denis Michel, Carole Poyen, Claire Rascaniere, Laura Riviere, Anita Salji, Gabriel Savoyen, Pauline Trefel, Carla Urizzi Duran, Eléanor Van Rooyen

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