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Working in response to a law passed in France to protect the sensorial heritage of the countryside, OBRA facilitated a weeklong collaborative film project with a group of adolescents in and around the commune of Pauilhac. The film was shot by the participants on mobile telephones in response to their environment, and juxtaposed with archive footage of Pauilhac from the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

The resulting collaborative film is a visual conversation that investigates the impact of a past generation’s choices on todays' rural landscape and how contemporary youth see their future within a rural community in relation to climate change.


The film was edited by Matt Smith of VIDEOFeet as part of the 2021 edition of C'est Mon Patrimoine and as part of OBRA’s project #Pauilhac



Directors: Kate Hannah Papi and Oliviero Papi

Sound design and Editing: Matt Smith

Performers: H.Allen, Erwan Barciet, Salvador Baron, Tiphaine Bégué, Quentin Castera, Tana Coulson, Bliss Hallewell, Pheonix Hallewell, Tristan Laikovsky, Soline Massardier, Emma Truilhé and David Yungmann

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