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Remembre is an audio experience created by OBRA as a reimagining of their stage performance IBIDEM. It is an intricately layered tapestry of sound combining original aural landscapes and multiple languages, to plunge the listener into an exploration of self and place, the traces we leave and what is carved into us by landscape and experience.


Using the industrialisation of agricultural practices in the Gers, specifically the land consolidation and rural exodus, and the personal stories of those who lived it, in juxtaposition with the voices and experiences of those who live in adopted countries, OBRA question notions of limits and boundaries, from hedgerows to international borders and the particularities of place and memory.


Neither an audio installation nor a traditional radio play, Remembre is an audio poem that shares language as sound and texture, not simply as the conveyer of narrative. The piece blends multiple languages with the voices from multiple generations of inhabitants of the Gers, together with original music created from field recordings and found objects.



Based upon OBRA’s original ensemble creation IBIDEM

Performers: Rachel Alexander, Oliviero Papi, Mélanie Tanneau and Fabian Wixe

Music and Compositions : Eilon Morris

Writer / Director: Kate Hannah Papi

Sound Design and Recording: Loïc Célestin

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